Michael Ross

Michael Ross



Lisa Gauthier



Tel: +1 650 571 8200


Boston / San Francisco

Managing Partner

Focus: Biotechnology

Dr. Michael Ross joined SVLS as a Venture Partner in 2001, became a Managing Partner in 2002 and is based in San Francisco.


Michael serves on the Thayer School of Engineering (Dartmouth College). He has also served on the boards of Carta Proteomics, Epimmune, Genencor, MetaXen, and Xenova. Michael was the tenth employee at Genentech where he worked for 13 years. He served as Genentech team leader for Humulin® (human insulin-Lilly), Roferon® (Interferon alpha -Roche), Protropin® (hGH), Vice President of Development during the development of Activase®, Nutropin® and Pulmozyme®. Michael then started Genentech's protein engineering and small molecule discovery effort as Vice President of Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry. Michael was the Founding CEO of Arris Pharmaceutical, MetaXen, ExSAR and CyThera (now Novocell). Michael was also Managing Partner in Didyma, LLC, a biotechnology management consulting firm.


Michael received his AB from Dartmouth College, his PhD in Chemistry at Caltech, and completed a Post Doctorate in Molecular Biology at Harvard.